About Us

About Us

Tundra is a privately held, Canadian corporation first formed in 2005 and through its subsidiaries and strategic acquisitions, has been providing risk, security and emergency management services to clients for almost two decades.

Managing Risk has become a major part of best practices in almost every industry and Tundra provides scalable services that include analysis & assessments, planning, training and mission support services to minimize an organization’s potential for loss.  Tundra specializes in providing support and assistance to personnel and organizations working in, and travelling to developing, emerging and frontier markets around the world.

Tundra is Headquartered in Canada and offers regional support offices throughout the world, including East Asia, the Middle East and the UK.

About Our Customers

Our customers are government and corporate organizations who understand the requirement for an emergency management and security program that includes mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. They are forward thinkers that understand that only comprehensive risk management, security and business continuity planning will keep their operations running before, during and after a crisis or emergency.

The management teams we work with acknowledge the critical challenges associated with globalization and seek assistance to address the difficulties associated with moving into or working in underdeveloped nations.  They see the need to engage in emerging markets and understand that to be successful, an innovative and strategic plan based on the region needs to be developed.

Our customers run both domestic and global operations, they provide relevant training for their personnel, they understand the importance of staying with industry best practices and standards and they always protect their personnel and critical infrastructure.