Hostile Environment Awareness Training for independent and freelance journalist who work in hostile and complex environments.  

  • This course introduces the skills and knowledge needed to reduce the chances of media personnel and/or their colleagues being involved in a security incident and to mitigate the seriousness and effects of the incident if they are.   With experience delivering similar training since 2008, Tundra is now Canada's leading commercial provider of HEAT, and we are the first choice provider for the major Canadian networks. 
  • We base our  training around the principal that a combination of planning, mindset and the understanding of our decision making cycle will give us the best opportunity to mitigate the potential hazards and challenges associated with living in, travelling to or working in hostile environments or areas with limited infrastructure and greater insecurity.
  • Our HEAT course for freelance journalists is based on three blocks of training made up of Personal Security, Conflict / Disaster Zones and Emergency Medicine and each block is made up of sub lessons that are specifically tailored to balance safety and security with the operational requirements of “getting the story.”  These include but are not limited to:

·         Decision Making and Awareness

·         Hostage Survival

·         Trauma Survey

·         Personal Security

·         Improvised Explosives / Mines

·         Care under Fire

·         Risk Management

·         Civil Disorder

·         Trauma Skills

·         Conflict Resolution

·         Conflict and Disaster Zones

·         Remote Medicine

HEAT Course for Independent and Freelance Journalists

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